Saturday, December 27, 2008


Our family always opens presents at midnight and then gets Christmas stockings from Santa on Christmas morning. This is how we all felt after our big Christmas eve meal. Bono ate a lot too so I think he felt the same way.

Karyn stayed with us for family present time so she got a photo of us. It's not the fancy photo we hoped for. We had plans to get dressed up and this is the opposite of dressed up. Well, for everyone but Mommy and Dad CJ.

Annie gave Dan this cool jacket. We have plans to go on a DIET when we get back to Mississippi so this is going to be Dan's motivation jacket. I bet he'll be in it super quick. I wish I could lose weight as quickly as him.

Christmas present modeling photos are the best. I wish I could do it all over again (and be in a better mood.) I was a big Christmas GRUMP this year.
Hopefully next year will be different.
Regardless, I love my family so much and I would have been sad if I weren't there to be GRUMPY.
love you guys

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