Sunday, December 21, 2008

McLard Family Traditions

My Mommy grew up on a farm in Missouri. Every year her parents would set out some Creme Drops (which have a special name but I won't repeat it) and oranges for Christmas morning.

Mommy made sure to get some this year to share with her little ones (aka Bono). I hope she gets some grand babies soon so she can enjoy these little traditions more. I think Mommy will be the cutest Grandma. I just got home from Church and there were so many cute babies that it made me wish there were some little ones running around here. Anyways, we had fun talking about Grandma and Grandpa and McLard family traditions at the farmhouse.

Bono was super excited about it.

He even got a little taste.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean you hope your mom gets some grand babies soon? So do I but, at this time, that's all up to you babe. You are the only one who is legal for all of that. You better start marrying off some of your siblings so they can take the pressure off of you! :)

- Jess

Katherine said...

She will be a great grandma someday. I wonder what Baby Bono will think of little grandbabies?:)