Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm Wishing

This is my favorite photo from this Disneyland trip. I thought about only showing the one photo to you but then I reconsidered and figured edit schmedit.

Karyn spent the morning with us and we had a lovely breakfast at Mimi's. When I was in high school I thought Mimi's Cafe was so classy and sophisticated. I digress.

Oh, Christmas Tree.

Taking a break on main street after a make-up run to Sephora.

Dan saw the Matterhorn first so he was the big winner.

Daniel's self portrait in Tomorrow Land.

We switched things up a little bit this trip. It's tradition to go on the Pirate ride first. The past couple of trips we have been getting Space Mountain passes and then hitting up Pirates. I must admit to you that since we went the the Pirate 5k marathon/fundraiser, I've been a bit DONE with Pirates. That and I don't like that they changed it and put Johnney Depp all over it. Anyhow, the lines were so short because of the cold weather so we went on Space Mountain first. I have to admit this to you. I've been super stressed out lately and unable to find a way to make things better. I started crying on Space Mountain. We were going through the tunnel and about to lift off in to space and I truly felt like I was leaving all of my worries behind. I know I'm loosing it but that is how it felt.

French Quarter is my favorite part about Disneyland. The holidays only make it more magical.

I love my husband so much. I think he really needs to hear that today. I've been a bear.

The Haunted Mansion

I wasn't able to find Miss Queenie but I did find her band.

Daniel made sure we got chocolate covered nanners in French Quarter.

This kind horse gave us a ride on his trolley around Main Street. That's the train station where Dan worked behind him. Dan was a train conductor at Disneyland for a bit when we first got married.


The Dapper Dan's are so cute.

That apple didn't tempt me.

Sleeping Beauty's castle all lit up. By the way, Dan asked me to marry him at the Snow White fountain next to this castle.

I would say yes again.


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