Monday, December 15, 2008

I want to "Suspend Judgement".

I am so thankful for the women in my life. My weekend has reminded me of the woman I hope to become someday. I've had so many wonderful examples to look up to. I ran into many of those examples today and seeing them gives me hope. I have been rather negative lately and I am reevaluating some things in my world. The most inspiring thing I heard today was that we should try to suspend judgement. I think I want to make that one of my new concerns. I'm not saying that I'm going around judging everyone. I'm just saying that I want to try not to judge people. It's something I want to work on.

I was able to spend Friday with my dear friend Karyn. We were in YW's together and we have been friends forever. My Dad loved Karyn so much that he kept her photo in his office drawer. She is the friend who taught me, "if you got it...flaunt it." Anyhow, we went to the mall to finish up some shopping. We stopped at Mrs. Field's and ate a cookie for Daddy. I worked at The Gap when I was in high school. My Dad would pick me up and sit at Mrs. Field's and eat cookies while he waited for me. Karyn heard that Mrs. Field's might be leaving the mall so we had to take a moment to reflect. This trip has been a lot about reflection for me. I think the slow pace that comes with a head cold has made this visit special. It has given me time to really enjoy and cherish my memories. I guess you'd say that I've been rather sentimental and emotional this week and I'm okay with that.

Check out my Mommy's new jammies. My Mom loves red birds so we were pretty excited when we found these for her.
Oh, by the way, my Mom and I found some TREASURES on Saturday. We found the coolest Estate Sale in Arcadia and I scored at a yard sale in Monrovia. I'm hoping to get some photos for you.
love you all.


Anonymous said...

Mom looks so pretty.

Katherine said...

Cute jammies. I like the thought to "suspend judgement". I'll try to do that.