Monday, December 01, 2008

Fritzi, that outfit needs a touch of red.

I'm not a fan of Black Friday. I personally want my shopping experiences to be full of customer service and pampering. I like to shop and feel like I'm a person, you know a valued customer. I don't want to be crowded or feel like I could be yelled at or trampled on. I may not always get the best deal but I keep my emotions in check (most of the time). Bad customer service really gets me down. Anyhow, I'm also a fan of shopping on line in my jammies. Point is, we got an email from the Gap for a buy one get one free sweater event on Black Friday. So we went. Dan needed a new sweater for his trip to San Francisco and I love cardigans. I've decided to take my cardigan back. I'd rather save my money and get one in California or Washington. But, while at the Gap this red scarf thingy jumped out at me. My Daddy always said I looked like my Mommy in RED and that I should wear it all of the time. But only if it is the right shade of red. The perfect red with blue in it instead of orange. Well, this is the right red but I'm not sure if it the right scarf for me. I'm torn. I love the color but it is so long and so full of ruffles. I'm debating. Should I keep it and possibly shorten it? Should I cut it in half and make two scarfs out of it and give one to my Mommy? Or should I do the smart thing and take it back and keep looking for the perfect red scarf?

What do you guys think, is it clown like or cute?

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Amy said...

I agree with your Daddy. Red is my favorite color on you.

I think the scarf is a bit long but, I love the color. Maybe giving the other half to your Mommy is a good idea. Let us know what you decide.