Saturday, November 08, 2008

Treasure Hunt goodies

We found this lamp and despite it being crystal like (usually not my thing) it has major potential. It is being re-wired as we speak. I love my husband.

This little owl jumped out at me from a pile of junk. When I picked it up, it's owner told me he had a sad story and told me to turn the photo around. The back of it said, "John Gilesons print of Frankie Frost's pet owl, which was shot, on the neighbor's back porch for eating his tomatoes." 1974
The lady told me that the owl was her Grandfather's friends pet owl. He raised him and loved him. The pet owl went to visit the neighbor's porch and found some tomatoes to nibble on. The man shot him. I immediately said, "Well, this little owl has to come home with me." She told me that her Grandpa made the frame from recycled wood from the family farmhouse. I told her that she shouldn't sell it but she did anyway. To me. And I will give this little owl the most love. A while back we named an owl on a pair of jammies Dan bought me. Some of the suggestions were:

Owlie - Tyler
Whooo-lio - Kristen
Mucaro - Annie
Gustav - Jane

Let me know if you have any more name suggestions for this tomato loving owl. He is going to be around for a very long time. Keeping us company.

We found this set of egg cups and the lady said that her Dad bought them for her Mommy while in Chicago. I'm too sentimental and I can't believe the things people will sell for next to nothing. At least I love them.

Some little lady spent time making this calla lillie tea cloth. A friend sent me a poem he wrote last night about a guilded lilly and I thought it was funny that I found this today.

Well I've been wearing a guilded lilly
Cunningly carved in a manner frilly

I found these hiding in an old jewelry box. I think they are perfect for Daniel.

This lonely little cupcake topper found a new

Some little what not's for projects.

My Grandpa gave me a horseshoe from his workshop when I was a little girl. I kept it in my room through high school. When I went away to Ricks College I had a yard sale and sold so many things that I regret. The horse shoe must have found it's new home then so I've decided to declare this my Grandpa horseshoe. This horseshoe letter opener is pretty nice too. They're lucky, you know?

Votive holders that match one that I already have. Yes!

Last, another Coca Cola crate to store my art supplies in.
I think today was successful.
Did anyone else find any treasure today?

p.s. Nicole I know you gave me an owl name too and I can't remember what it was? Do you remember?
Auntie Kat


Katherine said...

I look forward to your Saturday Treasures posts now. I love to see the things that you've found.
I loved the story of the owl(well, I don't love what happened to the poor thing----that was so awful). I loved that there was a story though.
I have 2 horse shoes that Doug's grandpa gave to Tyler and Nicole. They loved to feed this horse when we were visiting. So Doug's very thoughtful grandpa sent them both a horseshoe when he had the horse re-shoed.
All of us here love the name "Whooo-lio".

Anonymous said...

juliethe cute little owl...... name should be "who"

Roger and Melissa said...

In childhood, our neighbor across the back fence was named Hugh (like Hefner or Lewis & the News) but I always thought his name was "Who" which confused me. I later found that to be a fairly normal name... who knew?

Anonymous said...

what did you end up naming the owl on ur jammies?


Anonymous said...


Your crazy girl! You just bought more stuff in one weekend than I own. How the heck are you gonna move all this stuff. LOL I love your treasures, there were some great finds! - Jessilee

Anonymous said...

Its super late but I am finally able to add in my 2 cents...the owl should be named treebert! I miss you and Dan both. hugs!