Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Today, I made friends with a chicken named Billy.

Billy, the chicken, is Crew's little pet. They play hide and go seek in the carport and jump on the trampoline together. Crew likes that he can fly.

Have I told you all that I think Crew is about the cutest little boy out there. Today, I accidentally threw away his Mountain Dew and french fries at work and I felt like a huge jerk. I tried apologizing to him and I told him I would get him some more fries. He told me that I had to make them. This little man is smart and has a way with the ladies.

Dan loves animals. He told us all about the rooster that lives outside the Staples in Issaquah. I hope he is still there so we can go see him when we're visiting.

Jim's birthday is tomorrow. So this is the photo I am going to use to wish him a ...

The end.
Happy Wednesday friends.


Anonymous said...

What a fun little chicken. It reminds me of the guinneas(sp?) on the farm. Too bad Uncle Fred tried to feed me my pet guinnea...and then call me a city slicker!

I almost didn't recognize your car in the background with those new hubcaps! You're working to match the pimped out cars there in the South, I see.

Katherine said...

This doesn't surprise me at all that Dan enjoyed Billy. Fun to have a chicken pet. Well, except when they make a big chicken mess. But cute. :)