Monday, November 17, 2008

To do list

Thanksgiving decorating just got ckecked off on my to do list. This year is going to be simple. We are leaving for Christmas break in early December so I'm not going to decorate big time. I know you all love hearing about my to do list. But, it's a big deal right now. I have a lot of things to get done before the carefree Holling-Johnson Christmas in California and very Morris Christmas in Washington take place.

Mother Gnome came out for the pumpkin harvest. She is watching over us while we are dealing with lots of stress. This is Dan's last semester of classes and he is BUSY. I'm busy stressing about EVERYTHING. Future, past, present. Oh, I'm a stress ball.

My centerpiece idea turned out lovely. It looks like a it should be in a little wonderland cabin.

This photo isn't great but I wanted you to see the little butterflies/moths. Every little cabin needs butterflies/moths.
Happy Fall decorating loved ones.


trippin said...

The decorations turned out great! Have fun at your pumpkin party. If you get any great recipes, pass them along.

Katherine said...

I've been wanting to be in a cabin lately. Your decorations are so nice. Sorry about your stress. I know everything is going to turn out great for you guys.
*I like hearing your to-do list. It makes it seem like we don't live so far away.

Kris said...

They turned out so pretty! I love that you added little winged friends. Stress is no fun - I'm doing too much too. Remember that day we were stresses so we decided we needed to go buy something RED? Let's do that again today. It will make me even happier to know that you are doing the same! I'll post a "red" picture tomorrow.

Parker said...

I'm on it.
love you,

Anonymous said...

do u feel the holiday spirit now that your house is decorated so pretty?

I can't wait for you and dan to come home. It doesnt feel very holiday here. It's hot as hell. I tried dressing warm but I ended up with sweaty pits:(


Parker said...

I'm surprized, you never sweat.
I can't wait to come home too. We'll have to have a slumber party at your place. You, me, Baby Bono and Dan...
Dan can make dinner and we (you, me and baby bono) can clean your house. We can decorate too. Thats always fun.
love you,

Anonymous said...

WHAT!!??? My house is always clean! Although I'm sure you would find dirt.

Parker said...

I didn't mean it like that. I know your house is always clean. I just meant we could play and redecorated. Lighten up...
Hey, does it make you mad when people tell you to "lighten up"? I think that is the worst thing someone could say to me. So, I take it back.
p.s. I take back the offer to help you clean too. HA.

Anonymous said...

Hey! That's not nice.