Friday, November 14, 2008

Thank Goodness it's Friday
I'm so tired and stressed out. All I want to do is watch YouTube and take a nap. I think that is what I AM going to do. I deserve it. I say so.

Besides, I need to get in a better mood for my night out on the town with Daniel.

Wish me luck.


Katherine said...

You'll feel better tonight when you go out. I'm going out with Nicole tonight, while Doug and Ty go to a hockey game with some friends. She's so excited. She wants to go to dinner, to a movie, and then shopping. What are you guys doing?

Anonymous said...

I like that song/video. I have such a cool sis.


Parker said...

I hope you and Nicole had a grand girls night out. We went to a reading and Dan treated me to some thai food. Our friends are staying over tonight. They are leaving Hattiesburg for good tomorrow morning. So sad. I must say, I am so super excited about The VERY Morris Christmas. We're going to have the most fun.

Shar said...

Who was that and whats the song called? I liked it alot, though I must admit that the wingman rabbit on her left...sorta was creepy.