Saturday, November 08, 2008

TAG you're it.

My dear friend and sister in sassafrass Kristen tagged me. Usually I would just pretend and say I didn't see that I was tagged. But, I figured this may help my perspective and be a positive, healing, growth promoting thing for me to do. Here it is, I've been asked to tell "y'all" 5 things I like about where I live. Funny, huh?

The number 1 thing I love about where I live is...Dan. I love that I get to live with my Daniel. Our courtship was long distance and I really would follow this man anywhere.

The 2nd thing I love about where I live is that Dan's school is here. Dan is going to graduate with his Doctorate in English in less than 6 months. I'm about to start counting down the days. Maybe I should get one of those counters like people with babies have. You know the ones that show how far along a Mommy is or how old a child is. I'm going to work on that.

The 3rd thing I love about where I live is the friends I have made. I have made great friends in Mississippi and I have met so many lovely people. I love them all so much. I like to think of my friends like buttons (I love buttons, they make me happy). I treasure them and keep them in my pocket until I can display them properly or put them on a favorite sweater. A button collection to me is like a collection of lovely friends in your pocket. I hope I am a pretty button in many people's collections. FYI, if you ever need a button (friend) to pretty up a sweater, I'm there (in a jiffy).

The 4th thing I love about where I live is the history. I never imagined that I would be living in the South. I'm a California girl who figured I would spend most of my time out West. But, the South is an adventure. I have seen so many things that I never knew about before. I've been able to visit places and learn about new things. I have also been able to go to Missouri (to visit my Mommy's side of the family) and to Tennessee (to see where Dan's Mommy is from) and that to me is priceless. I never thought I would be on this side of the country so my trips have meant a lot to me.

The 5th thing I love about where I live is that I get to see Red Birds/Cardinals here. Every time I see one I think of my Grandma. My Grandma loved Cardinals. My Mommy loves them too. So, when I see one here I think of my Grandma and my Mommy and imagine that they sent that pretty little bird to say hello to me and tell me I'm loved.

I'm not going to tag anyone but I think this little exercise really helps you to find SOMETHING you like about where you live. It's a good thing to look to the positive and be thankful.


Kris said...

That is exactly what I was hoping for from you! There is always a little something to make us smile no matter where we are. (ps..I don't like being tagged too much either)

Katherine said...

I didn't know about the red birds there. I would love that too. I love the picture you put on your blog of the red bird. This was a good post. I might have to do this too.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you could find positive things to say about MS.

I remember what you said to Dan at church one Sunday in May. I love telling that story. It never gets old and every time I tell mom or buf, we almost pee our pants laughing. I think what gets them is my description of the dress you were wearing (and my imitation), the humidity and the way you push up your bangs when they get in ur way...I'm laughing now.

Buf and you remember that story?


Parker said...

Annie Bannie,
I think you need to show me your immitation and re-tell the story to me when I come home for Christmas. I can't really remember it. I'm sure it was one of my drama filled "I hate this place" moments. Dan sure puts up with at lot.
love you,

beepbeep said...

This is all your fault DANIEL!

That should ring a bell (unless you tell him that a lot...hahha)