Saturday, November 08, 2008

Roger and Melissa's farewell party

We hosted a party for Roger and Melissa last week. They are adopting two Ethiopian babies and a baby shower/moving away party was in order. It was lovely and many people came to show Roger and Melissa some love and support.

I made a super cute little welcome sign for them. It was on the front porch but I forgot to take a photo of it. I hope that they will put it on their front porch when their little ones come to their new home. I also hope (hint. hint.) they take a photo of it to share with me. I digress, we were really worried that our house wouldn't be big enough for the many people invited so we set up a little fairy land in our back yard. It served mostly as a place for people to get some fresh air because the house was full of love and friends.

Here is the fireplace all cutesie cute with Ethiopian babies. I want that second one on the right to be my baby. They are all so beautiful.

Cupcake's everywhere. Thankfully Bonnie and Melissa made all of the goodies. I've been a stress ball. The Young Women decorated them and I think they are pretty. Have I mentioned that the Young Women here are AMAZING and I love them so much.

We displayed the goods from Melissa and Bonnie's Etsy shop, An Artists Garden, and some ladies couldn't resist. Thankfully, I already had mine stowed away in my jewelry box so I didn't have to compete for my favorites. The proceeds from the sale went to the adoption fund.

Bonnie and I played hostess'. Dan spent the night in his office with the boys. Entertaining and making more room for people to celebrate in the living room. Go DAN.

Taylor came over and helped us and I was so thankful. She helped put the lights up and helped me get the drink station put together.

Bonnie, Melissa, and Kat

I wasn't able to get many photos of the guests because I was too busy but when the night started to wind down I took a few. This is Suzanne and Sonya. They are two of the people who really helped me to feel welcome when I first moved to Mississippi. I was really happy that I got a photo of them together so I can always remember their kindness.

This is April and Melissa. April is one of them most beautiful women I know and a dear friend.

Ron is one of the coolest people I have met here in the south. I hope to be more like him. He is amazing.

This is my favorite photo of the evening. Melissa and I work for Jim and Sonya and I think this photo is priceless.

We had a number of little elf's show up to celebrate. I'm still finding pixie dust and wrappers around the house. This is Elise, she is (in my opinion) mini Kat. This little girl reminds me so much of myself. She is a sassy little thang.
I wish you all could have come over to celebrate with us. I hope the photo's made you feel like you were there.
love you

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Katherine said...

I do feel like I was there. Fun to see all of your friends. I love the fairyland out back. I would have loved hanging out there eating my many cupcakes. Looks like a great time. What a good memory for all of you. You do have amazing YW too!