Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I know...I know...

Dan's graduation is 6'ish months away but I'm starting my dress hunt early. I've decided that since I don't get to wear a cap and gown for the event, I need a super fancy PARTY dress. I'm going to be sharing my dress options with you over the next months. You lucky kitties. Let me know what you think.

p.s. I think this one would look really cute with my new shoes. You know, the ones I just paid off yesterday.

hmmm, I bet that little clutch would look pretty snazzy with it too. I'm just sayin'.


Martha said...

I love that dress! I am like you, I have to plan my clothes so far in advance. It makes waiting for the event more fun for me.

Anonymous said...

I want that dress is a solid color. The shoes will look good with it. Fun, fun.


Anonymous said...

cute. I'm surprised its not black or a jewel tone. You know what I bought that I love but thought I wouldnt be caught dead in?? Leggings! Love them! Super comfy. Wear them all the time. And what's even funnier is I bought Matt some for his halloween costume (nacho libre) and now he wears them all the time at home! HA


Kris said...

That is a very pretty dress. There will be lots of pictures so you need to look fancy!! I'd be dress shopping too! Check out the shabbyapple.com they have a few cute ones.

Parker said...

I checked them out and I'm in love with some of your shabbyapple dresses. Super cute. I love dress shopping.