Monday, November 03, 2008

Happy Mail

Karyn and my brother went to Disney World a few weeks ago. They were there for a week and I've decided that they really wished I was there with them. I'm sure that is why Benner decided to not go on the teacups. It would have been too sad, that is our little thing we do together. Karyn must have really missed me because she sent me a package of some of my favorite things. She sent me cherry sour balls from Disneyland. I love them, they make my tummy happy. They are one of my many favorite things about being at Disneyland and they always make me sick (because I can't stop eating them until the bag is empty). She also sent me a wish kitty from Epcot and a Hello Kitty cell phone charm.

Look at how dressed up my cell phone looks sitting in my catch all dish. Karyn, thank you so much for missing me and for sending me this really nice package to cheer me up.
p.s. Do any of you have any favorite foods you always get at Disneyland?
I must tell you, I have to get a chocolate covered banana from New Orleans Square everytime I go there. I'm big on Disneyland traditions.


Anonymous said...

I like to get those frozen lemonades when I go to Disneyland, but most often I get a bread bowl from the French Market.I don't think I'm as big on Disneyland traditions are you and Benner. You are pretty serious about those sour spheres.


Anonymous said...

I think I don't like D-land as much as the rest of you bc of a little scare when we were younger. Its well known that everyone thought I didnt love Buf puf when we were younger but this will prove all of you wrong. I cried when we went on Pirates of the Caribbean bc I thought my little buf puf (she was like 3) would fall in the water. Does anyone remember that?

xoxo buffy

Parker said...

Ahhh, Annie... you tender little thing. I do remember you crying on Pirates. I'm in shock.
hugs and kisses,

Anonymous said...

yes..I'm tender

Katherine said...

I like all the "Disney food", except for the Fred Flintstone-size turkey leg. Doug's sister's favorite candy is the green apple sour balls. I guess I should try the sour balls.