Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Fairy Cake Wonderland'ish

My house is a fairy cake wonderland in progress. I have never seen it in such disarray. But, a party is on the horizon and there are things to do and messes to make.

Thank goodness for my little helper elf friends. Don't they look adorable all dressed up and ready to decorate fairy cakes in their aprons?

I am so excited about the party tomorrow night. I hope it is as beautiful as I plan it to be. Roger and Melissa have been such wonderful friends to me. I want them to have the prettiest send off possible.

I'm not going to be sad about their upcoming move until the party is over. So I'm in for a sad weekend. But, I told my little elf's that I'm throwing myself a party after this one. A kitty party. One where I shave my legs and paint my toenails. I also plan to soak in the hot tub for a good long while. So there.
Melissa, Roger, and Bonnie: I am going to miss you terribly.


Anonymous said...

Good luck on your party tonight! I know it will be enchanting and all things kitty!

Parker said...

Annie Bannie,
Thank you so much for wishing me luck with the fairy cupcake party. I'm going to assume it was you who sent wishes since I was just complaining to you on the phone about how no one reads or comments on my blog. Typical Kitty. Nobody likes
I think things are coming together and I can't wait to share photos of all the pretty events.
love you,

Katherine said...

You have a houseful of friends. How fun! I hope you'll be able to be with all of them when your other friends move. I'll be thinking about you. It's hard to have friends move away.