Monday, November 03, 2008

I can't wait for today to be OVER.

Don't forget.

Update: My voting socks took me to the voting booth.

I'm on pins and needles about the big election. I'm not one to talk about politics but I'm anxious to see how it turns out.

I am also excited that I will now not have to worry about getting caught up in impromptu political "debates" with my friends and co-workers. I don't like confrontation. I also don't like hearing about other peoples political viewpoints and I'm ready to talk about shoes.


Midge said...

oh yeah, that's the picture I was going to use, I found it a few weekd ago and saved it on my laptop but the internet isn't working on it now so I forgot. So I'm going to steal it from you.
I'm so excited for today!

Katherine said...

I love watching all of the election results on the news on election night. Very exciting for me!

slush said...

Im watching the aftermath right now. I love the socks and ADORE the shoes. Soooo freakin' cute!

Kris said...

LOL!!! And THAT my dear is why you and I are friends! Different fruits, but from the same fruit bowl like I've always said! Let's talk about shoes and new fun clothes. BLEH to polital convos for SURE!