Sunday, November 16, 2008


My Melissa friend moved away yesterday and I'm a big baby about it.

Dan has been putting up with me and my mood swings for the last 24 hours. He's a good man. This is Bug (Roger and Melissa's puppy) Dan liked to squeeze him and I love that they are color co-ordinated.

Bug, Rizzo, Roger and Melissa spent their last night in Hattiesburg at our house. We had a slumber party and I wish it could have ended with a huge breakfast but...

our friends made a quick get away. I had mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I wanted to be there to wave goodbye as they left in their moving truck. On the other hand, the whole goodbye process makes me too too sad.

We love you guys.
Have a safe trip.


Katherine said...

I bet they're just as sad too. I'm sad for all of you. :(

Kris said...

I know how you feel - that is how I was when my friend Cori moved to Columbus (somewhere out by you!) It's hard to lose a friend like that. Hopefully you'll be able to keep in touch!