Saturday, October 25, 2008

Today's Treasure

Today was a good hunting day. I think these canisters will look lovely in the bathroom filled with cotton balls and potions.

Dan and I were talking about this book, Walk Across America by Peter Jenkins while on our recent road trip to Tennessee. It was like fate brought the book to us. It has a priceless photo of Peter with his dog, Cooper, on the Appalachian Trail. I'm planning on learning some new songs from this song book while using it for future projects.

A sock monkey/elephant kit. Oh, yes, it had to come home with us.

I'm a little teacup...
These little teacups will hold the cutest of potholders in our little kitchen.

This toaster cozy is lovely, don't you agree?

I've been on the hunt for terrarium vessels for an upcoming terrarium planting party.

This light fixture is my favorite find of the day. I can't wait to present it to you properly. Dan is going to re-wire it. I'm so thrilled.


Katherine said...

You really got some cool stuff. I'm always so surprised at all the treasures you find. That sock monkey is really cool. Hope you're feeling better.

Kris said...

Fun finds!! I hope you are feeling better!

Cindy said...

I have that exact same blue and gold glass jar! Only I broke the lid for it. It's so pretty!