Thursday, October 02, 2008

This little man made my whole day.
He remembered my name today and showed me the hat he made. This is a big deal for us. He usually just looks at me like he's not too sure of me. I understand, I look at most people that way too. I get to see him almost everyday and he is a secret highlight to my life here in Mississippi. He loves frosting and has happenin' hair.
This Mister Man is a cool little person.


Katherine said...

What a cute and happy little boy. I can see why he makes you so happy. I love the way little kids are so obliviously happy in hats like that. It kills me.:)

Anonymous said...

Geezzzz, why don't I have a hat like that?! I hope he let you wear it for a few minutes. I'm glad to hear he warmed up to you. He sounds like me as a child.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love CRU!