Friday, October 31, 2008


Dan and I went out on the town to an Alien Invasion Party. I was a cigarette girl and Dan was the cool cat who picked me up for the evening (I think he was the biggest tipper).

I think this photo is funny because I look like a tough cookie.

Here I am pawning my goods. CANDY.

The dry ice martini's were super classy.

Our friends transformed their home into an alien meeting house. Even the puppies were dressed up like aliens. Too cute.

Dan and his arm candy.

Superman saving his lady (alien) in distress.

We played games to earn alien bucks. Don't worry, this was a game to see how many candy's I could drop in Dan's mouth.

Roger and Melissa raced to see who could walk the slowest. Melissa was the big winner. No worries because Roger can eat an asteroid (popcorn ball) quicker than any of us. Bonnie was a great host/photographer/judge and she was wearing some HOT boots.

Look at all the goodies we won with our well earned alien money. Dan and I are winners this Halloween. Thank you for treating us to such a lovely evening, dear friends. We had the most fun.
I hope you all were able to do something extra special for Halloween.


Katherine said...

What fun creative friends you have! Kat, I love your costume----so creative again. That makes me want to go to an Alien Invasion Party.

Kristie said...


yiching said...

omg you are soooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess I must say you are by far the cutest cigarette/candy girl I have ever seen! Your costume is very cute! - Jessilee

Heather and Jason said...

Kat....that is one HOT dress! You are gorgeous!!!
Love ya,
your Heather friend