Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Man is a WINNER.

Last night Dan helped put on a silent auction for the English graduate organization to help raise money for travel grants. Which may help him fund his trip to San Francisco for MLA (Modern Language Association's annual conference). I wasn't' able to go because I was convalescing on the couch and making friends with "Little Edie." But my man brought home the bacon. He bought 12 raffle tickets and won a book called Deep South Parties, a gift certificate to a local coffee bar, two movie tickets and a gift certificate to a local bookstore. I think Dan was most excited to present the book to me. I guess I am going to leave Mississippi with some southern hospitality skills after all.


Katherine said...

Wow! Dan really did score. Last May we spent about $12 buying raffle tickets and won a $50 Chipotle gift certificate and 10 free yoga lessons. That was fun. Congrats!

Parker said...

Wow, you really did score. My friends husband recently won a low rider truck in a raffle. CRAZY. I bet you had the most fun at the yoga lessons. That is so cool.