Saturday, October 11, 2008

My glass slippers came in the mail.

I wanted to share this pumpkin idea with you because it is too darn cute. I'm wishing I had some little princesses to impress by having it in my home. Until then I'll keep this Cinderella pumpkin idea stored away in my little head. I hope one of you get to make it with a special princess in your life. Right now, I'm too excited for Dan to go out and get us a pumpkin to make pumpkin soup with. I did get to spend some time with two special princesses in my life today. Arianna got baptised today. My only goal for today was to do everything that I could to make her feel like the most beautiful princess in the whole wide world. Why, because she is the most beautiful princess in the whole wide world. I don't like to talk about church things on my blog but I want to share this one because it is all about WISHES. Arianna put a wish on the wish tree that we have in our front yard. Her wish was that she would get baptised and be part of our ward. I was so excited because today her wish (that was on my wish tree) came true. You know what that means right? That's right, my WISH tree works. It's magical and I'll put wishes on it for you if you want. Oh, I gave Arianna her wish back in a cute little frame because I thought that was only right.

Arianna and Ariel are super cute!

Speaking of princesses, I feel like a princess because my tips are paying for the cutest pair of shoes a girl could ask for. I'm in love with them. Enough said. Well, that and that I wore them today and they are lovely.

All of this princess talk has made me think about my Halloween costume that I need to get started on.

Sneak peak


Katherine said...

I love this! I'm so happy for Arianna too. What a cute pumpkin idea. I love your shoes too. Yea for tips. :)

Kris said...

EEEEKKK!! The pumpkin!!! The shoes!!!! It's all too much for one post!! I am in love with both, but tucking away that idea also for when Lauren is older! Love it!