Thursday, October 09, 2008

Lovely Lox

We went to a reading tonight. She was a fiction writer and it was enjoyable. We then went to an after party at the home of one of Dan's Professors. I love going to her place because she is cool and she lives in the converted schoolhouse. I dressed up for the affair because I think that date nights mean dress up time. I wore my flea market-find dress and green tights. It was a peacock kind of night. I got Dan that shirt too, at an antique store (and I think he looks HOT in it). Hmmm, I just remembered that I haven't posted about my finds from last week's yard sales. I found some treasures, for sure.
I'm off to watch The Office online. Did anyone see Kath and Kim? I want to see it.


Stephanie said...

I feel like I'm going to really love Kath and Kim.

Midge said...

You two make such a cute couple. and cute headband!
I watched most of Kath and Kim and it was pretty entertaining, I think you will enjoy.

Katherine said...

Sounds like a fun night. I'm fascinated by the home in the old schoolhouse. I think that's so cool.

Anonymous said... do you keep getting prettier?

Parker said...

The headband (thanks to you) was a HIT. I got lots of compliments on it. I love it.

Kris said...

Lookie you Miss Red Lips. Date night = Lancome's Jezabel lipstick to me.

Glad you had fun!