Saturday, October 25, 2008


Dan has been busy all day working on finishing up everything he needs to start applying for teaching jobs for next year. He has this handy book, Surviving your Academic Job Hunt. I hope it helps him survive the hunt.

I find it funnier to think...will he survive my bugging him about finding a job (preferably on the West Coast)? He has been super busy though and I haven't had to bug him much. I was busy working on some secret party planning with some friends. It's a secret but you will find out soon.

Dan was able to take a break and re-wire our new lighting fixture. Don't worry, it only took him 15 minutes. He's a rock star. We're really loving how it turned out.

Please wish Dan luck on his Job hunt.


Midge said...

Good luck Dan! I'll be sending you all my positive thoughts, especially for finding a job in Utah!

Katherine said...

Your light fixture looks great on the wall.
Good luck on the job hunt Dan. I too hope you'll end up on the west coast. I would love it if we could live near you. Then you could babysit for us all the time, invite us over for dinner, we could borrow your stuff....:)

Katherine said...

I really would love living near you. That would be fun.

Kris said...

Good luck Dan! Please bring Kat closer to us our West!! The light looks great!!

Amy said...

The lamp looks great. Good luck Dan:)