Monday, October 06, 2008

I made a boo boo.

When I worked in Alaska at Glacier Bay Lodge, I was asked to write/fill out a fancy wedding license for a couple that was getting married on the beach. They liked my handwriting. Anyhow, I messed up the spelling of their last name and I felt like the biggest jerk about it. I still do. If I could have ran out and bought them a new fancy wedding license, I would have in a quick second. Well, this is always my fear when I'm working on a project. Last night Dan was grading papers and I was working on this project (for a little boy's birthday) while we were watching television. I thought it turned out okay enough. I took it in to work and was then told that I spelled Birthday wrong. Birtday doesn't cut it. I felt like a total dork and I'm getting ready to fix it. I just thought it was funny enough to share.

Dan graded papers out on the patio at The Pastry Garden while I worked today. I decorated this cookie for him.

I think it looks just like him.

Dan and Cookie Dan graded papers for four hours. Oh, Dan also got hit on by a young lovely. I thought that was the best part of the story.
Happy Monday.


Midge said...

It's funny that Dan didn't catch the mistake when he took the picture. Cute Dan cookie, they should sell those. Ryan got picked up on at the Sigur Ros concert and I guess I should be annoyed but I'm just proud my man still has it.

Anonymous said...

Oh My! I think misspelling the crafts runs in the family. Do you remember when I wanted to put 'Peaches' on the back of my blazer? They were the iron on letters and I spelled it 'peaces' and once I figured it out I was at the 's' so I put a 'z' to make it look like I was trying to be cool. AND not to long ago I was making a card at Y! on bring your kids to work day. Anyway I was making a card for Audrees little girl and I dont remember exactly what it said but she (a 10 year old) had to correct my spelling. humbling.

Katherine said...

I want to hear more details on the young lovely. What a nice day spent together for both of you.
The quilt shop by our house had somebody come and repaint their fancy little sign outside the business and they left out a letter. I felt so bad for the painter. That was a BIG mistake. It was that way for a few days before it got fixed. I'm glad you fix your little project. It really looked cute. What a nice idea.

Kris said...

I would be horrified if I had done that to the wedding license!! Birtday is close, right? I love that you get to hang out and grade papers, decorate cookies..that is awesome! And of course Dan got hit on, look at the cool cookie he had...he hee!

Anonymous said...

I still laugh when I think of Annie spelling peaches wrong. That was so funny. But, Kat, I think 'birtday' is just the cool way to say happy birthday. Nice cookie, Dan! I hate when I spell words wrong. Especially when people say, "Aren't you a teacher?" I just want to say "Aren't you just rude?"


Anonymous said...

My theory and spelling and crafts is that you are so concentrated on making it pretty and figure you've been spelling for 20+ years so it should come naturally.

How did it turn out kat? Did you fix it?