Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Mail Day

My present from Amy came in the mail today. I won a contest she was having.

I was so super excited. My favorite part of the package was the lovely assortment of treasures below. I'm a sucker for anything with Bono on it. Also, I plan to wear my new Kat and Dan necklace tomorrow.

How cute are these? Amy also recently opened an Etsy shop where you can get some cute things for you and your little girls.

I also got a special package from my Father-in-law. He sent me a new cord for my laptop. I guess I was too hard on the old one. He even reinforced it for me so I won't wear this one out.
Thank you Amy and Dad.
You made my day.
p.s. Sorry about the funky powercord photo. That is Miss Kat with a headcold and no make-up. I'm with friends so it's okay that you see me that way.


Katherine said...

Those are some pretty nice contest prizes. Fun for you. Dad's always good for electrical gifts. I'm using an old computer of his right now. :)

Midge said...

Fun Mail!!!
I went to a huge Jcrew sale and of coarse I got you something because I can't go shopping without seeing something you'd like and when they have the cutest little surprise for you for $1 plus 20% off, now to get it in the mail.

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks really nice in these pictures.


Parker said...

How exciting. I have a few things in the works for you too. Oh, how we all love happy mail. hugs.

I had my hair colored today. You know I do not have enough patience to make my hair look like that.

Anonymous said...

Your hair does look extra shiny and I love the buttons (GO Amy!)

I think I'm gonna send u happy mail so I can be featured on your blog. My fav blogs are when you and dan model(dan's expressions are hilarious)


Amy said...

I'm glad you like your prize. I was so excited to make you the magnet and pendent. An extra personal touch is always special. You always look so beautiful when you are modeling your treasures.