Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beautiful...Beautiful...Wish you were here.
-French Kiss

We were able to drive through Cades Cove 2.5 times. These are photos from our first adventure. We were still fairly clean. I won't mention the .5 time because it was not fun. Anyways, Dan always gets a photo by the mill and I think this one turned out quite nice.

A nice man took our photo.

Close up of Kitty.

I loved how the leaves framed this photo.

I never paid attention to my profile much. But, I think I really do have my Daddy's nose and I like it.

Oh, I'm a busy girl.

Dan picked up this poplar leaf for his Mommy.

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Katherine said...

Dan looks as if he could be living in one of those old homesteads. Mom will love the leaf. You guys are nice.