Friday, October 31, 2008


Dan and I went out on the town to an Alien Invasion Party. I was a cigarette girl and Dan was the cool cat who picked me up for the evening (I think he was the biggest tipper).

I think this photo is funny because I look like a tough cookie.

Here I am pawning my goods. CANDY.

The dry ice martini's were super classy.

Our friends transformed their home into an alien meeting house. Even the puppies were dressed up like aliens. Too cute.

Dan and his arm candy.

Superman saving his lady (alien) in distress.

We played games to earn alien bucks. Don't worry, this was a game to see how many candy's I could drop in Dan's mouth.

Roger and Melissa raced to see who could walk the slowest. Melissa was the big winner. No worries because Roger can eat an asteroid (popcorn ball) quicker than any of us. Bonnie was a great host/photographer/judge and she was wearing some HOT boots.

Look at all the goodies we won with our well earned alien money. Dan and I are winners this Halloween. Thank you for treating us to such a lovely evening, dear friends. We had the most fun.
I hope you all were able to do something extra special for Halloween.

Happy Halloween Kitties

I hope your day is full of thrills and giggles.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall Festival Highlights

Kat and Dan

The CAKE walk

Face Painting

Alien and green apple cupcake

YW trick-or-treat room


The Girls
She's pure as New York Snow.

I went to the Post Office today to get my Bette Davis stamps.

I can't wait to put them on letters to my favorite people. I need to get ugly stamps for the bills.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Near and Dear....

I'm emotional about this post and it really means a lot to me. I need to share some things in my world that are really impacting me as of late. A special friend of mine did the most selfless, loving thing today, she had a baby girl and gave her to her new adoptive parents. I can't imagine how she must feel and I am so proud of her.
I also have a dear friend who is preparing to adopt two Ethiopian children. My goal for the next little bit is to do all that I can to help this sweet couple raise money to adopt these children. If any of you think you could help, please do. Roger and Melissa have a blog where they are telling us all about the process and letting us celebrate this special time with them. Melissa and her sister Bonnie just opened up an Etsy shop called An Artists Garden where they are selling the most adorable hair ornaments. These are the one's that I have been sporting around town and I am in love with them. They are made with love and the money will go towards the adoption fund. They are also gift wrapped and make lovely presents.
You'll be seeing a lot more on the blog here about Roger and Melissa in the next couple of weeks. We are planning a big shin-dig and I am super excited about it. The photo above is my inspiration photo for the cupcake table.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm getting ready for this week's festivities.

Halloween is quickly approaching. This means I get to wear whatever I want and dress up in my pretty pretties. I'm so excited and I hope my costume turns out how I imagine it in my head. Do any of you have big plans for Halloween?
Happy planning.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Dan has been busy all day working on finishing up everything he needs to start applying for teaching jobs for next year. He has this handy book, Surviving your Academic Job Hunt. I hope it helps him survive the hunt.

I find it funnier to think...will he survive my bugging him about finding a job (preferably on the West Coast)? He has been super busy though and I haven't had to bug him much. I was busy working on some secret party planning with some friends. It's a secret but you will find out soon.

Dan was able to take a break and re-wire our new lighting fixture. Don't worry, it only took him 15 minutes. He's a rock star. We're really loving how it turned out.

Please wish Dan luck on his Job hunt.

Today's Treasure

Today was a good hunting day. I think these canisters will look lovely in the bathroom filled with cotton balls and potions.

Dan and I were talking about this book, Walk Across America by Peter Jenkins while on our recent road trip to Tennessee. It was like fate brought the book to us. It has a priceless photo of Peter with his dog, Cooper, on the Appalachian Trail. I'm planning on learning some new songs from this song book while using it for future projects.

A sock monkey/elephant kit. Oh, yes, it had to come home with us.

I'm a little teacup...
These little teacups will hold the cutest of potholders in our little kitchen.

This toaster cozy is lovely, don't you agree?

I've been on the hunt for terrarium vessels for an upcoming terrarium planting party.

This light fixture is my favorite find of the day. I can't wait to present it to you properly. Dan is going to re-wire it. I'm so thrilled.

My Man is a WINNER.

Last night Dan helped put on a silent auction for the English graduate organization to help raise money for travel grants. Which may help him fund his trip to San Francisco for MLA (Modern Language Association's annual conference). I wasn't' able to go because I was convalescing on the couch and making friends with "Little Edie." But my man brought home the bacon. He bought 12 raffle tickets and won a book called Deep South Parties, a gift certificate to a local coffee bar, two movie tickets and a gift certificate to a local bookstore. I think Dan was most excited to present the book to me. I guess I am going to leave Mississippi with some southern hospitality skills after all.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I want to dance.

Grey Gardens showed up in my mailbox today (thank you Netflix). I spent the evening drinking theraflu, napping and falling in love with "Little Edie". "Little Edie" and her mother "Big Edie" were the Aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. They lived in East Hampton in a 28 room mansion that was falling down around them. It was a haunting film about a mother and daughter relationship and "Little Edie's" regrets about missed opportunities.

Watch this clip and I hope you will fall in love with "Little Edie" too. Oh, the Madonna bit is to honor Madonna's weird moisturizing treatment's and nightwear.

FYI: a new movie version of Grey Gardens is coming out soon. I'm pretty excited about it. Drew Barrymore is going to be "Little Edie."

Happy Friday Night

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Girls Night Out

If I were a true hipster, I wouldn't have left the house without one of these tonight.

My dear friend Genevieve and I went to see the band Man Man. We had so much fun.
The photo above didn't turn out well but I'm sharing anyhow.

Anyhow, you should check them out here and here.
Happy Mail Day

My present from Amy came in the mail today. I won a contest she was having.

I was so super excited. My favorite part of the package was the lovely assortment of treasures below. I'm a sucker for anything with Bono on it. Also, I plan to wear my new Kat and Dan necklace tomorrow.

How cute are these? Amy also recently opened an Etsy shop where you can get some cute things for you and your little girls.

I also got a special package from my Father-in-law. He sent me a new cord for my laptop. I guess I was too hard on the old one. He even reinforced it for me so I won't wear this one out.
Thank you Amy and Dad.
You made my day.
p.s. Sorry about the funky powercord photo. That is Miss Kat with a headcold and no make-up. I'm with friends so it's okay that you see me that way.
Happy Birthday Stephanie and Taylor
I'm putting this photo up for the both of you. You see, Stephanie and I were age 19'ish in this photo. This is for both of you because well, we were (and still are) super cute back then and Taylor is turning 18 today.

Happy Birthday Stephanie

Happy Birthday Taylor
Make lots of wishes girls, I think this is your year.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"I'm not ready to go back to Mississippi."
Day five of our mini break and we weren't ready to go home. Waffle was having such a lovely time. We decided to chance getting home a little later than we had planned and decided to drive through Cades Cove one more time. The best decision we made all weekend.

The light was beautiful and the fog was just lifting.

We saw wild turkeys, deer (bucks and does), a coyote, and 4 black bears.

It was a magical morning.

We left in good spirits and made it home and went for a dip in the hot tub.

My next thing to look forward to is Christmas break. I can't wait to see my family and precious Baby Bono.