Thursday, September 04, 2008

Things are on the UP and UP.
I'm finally getting over my stress-bucket self. Things are feeling a little bit more like normal. Thank goodness. We have a big weekend coming up. We're having a dinner party tomorrow night. I have lots of projects to catch up on. Dan has homework to do and poems to write. We have big plans to watch Beat and I'm looking forward to all of it.
Dan bought me these super cute jammies today. Dan is the best. I'm already cuddled up in them and ready to drink some mint tea and watch a movie ,like, hmmmm... I think I want to watch Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (I love that movie).
p.s. What do you think I should name this little owl on my new jammies? I think he's a he.
Happy Thursday night.
I also need to show you my yard sale treasures from last weekend. I promiss, I'm working on it.


Katherine said...

I really like your jammies. Around here we call them wammies---I can't remember how it turned into that. I think it's goes back a few years when Tyler had a really bad speech impediment. Glad you're feeling better. I've been a little stressed lately and bought myself a bag of halloween candy. I just finished it a few hours ago. Have fun with your movie and wammies!

Anonymous said...

Warmies...that's cute. The best part of Fur is when all of his friends start coming out of the ceiling. I should watch that movie again too!


Taylor said...

Kat!....Your jammies are super duper cute! I wonder where you got them...HA HA! Im glad your feeling better! I will see you tomorrow! Loves

Kris said...

His name should be...(are you ready?)

Whoooo-lio. Like Julio but with a hooooo!! :)

Anonymous said...

The Owl is called "Mucaro". Back in the 1800s, the people from the mountain coffee plantations used to blame little mucaro for the loss of coffee grains. The belief was that the coffee was part of the owls' diet but many owls were saved by kitty kat morris
The song goes like this:
"Poor Mucaro
you're a gentleman
you just want to eat a rat,
then the rat set up a trap,
he eats the coffee grains
and people blame you."


Midge said...

I have to say I was not a fan of that movie, I wanted more photography and less Harry Downey Jr. But it did look cool.
I told my nephew I was going to put on Ike's PJ's and he said, they aren't called pj's they are called Jammies. You can't argue with that. I also told that kid on sunday that next time I saw him I'd be wearing a grey skirt and a shirt with a bird on it, cause I figured the chances were pretty good. Well I showed up Weds. in a different outfit and he totally called me out on it, I had forgotten but he remembered, oh did I mention he's 3.

Jane said...

I'm glad you are on the up and up, and that you guys made it through the storm okay. Cute jammies! I personally think you should name the owl Gustav. A little memory to remember him by. :-)