Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Pasadena Wish Tree in Mississippi.

My dear friend Kristie is good about keeping me in the loop. She emailed me about Yoko Ono's wish tree's in Pasadena, California (HOME). I wish I could be there to put my wish up personally. Instead, I put some wishes on our Mississippi tree and have decided that it is an extension of the Pasadena wish tree project. So, let me know if you would like to tie a wish to our little tree. I love WISHES. I promise to wish that they will all come true every time I pass by it.

Yoko Ono’s influence for this piece is connected to her early childhood experiences in Japan: “As a child, I used to go to a temple and write out a wish on a piece of thin paper and tie it around the branch of a bush. Trees in temple courtyards were always filled with people’s wish knots, which looked like white flowers blossoming from afar,” she said.

The love bugs are out in force. They have a cute name but they aren't very cute. They are everywhere and my new little friends helped me put up some wishes this morning. I'm thinking that makes them even more special.
p.s. If any of you go to Old Town and make wishes, tie one up for me.
I wish to move back to the West Coast.
Oh, I need another one too.
I also wish for Dan to find a good job on the West Coast.


Anonymous said...

That's funny that you put Jess' up. This is the cutest post. I wish we were both home in California to put up our wishes there. Maybe then we could go to the Huntington Library. There's some peace and harmony for us. We could chill in the Zen Garden and mom could collect Ginko leaves. I need some sister time. Love you!


Amy said...

My wish for the day is that we will have saved enough money to come home for Christmas. I can't even tell you how much I am missing family/friends/CA.

Parker said...

Buffy and Amy,
I wish I could say that your wishes were granted but instead I can say that they are up on the wish tree. I'll be wishing for them with you.

Kris said...

I have wishes that I know won't come true but I sort of don't want them to anyways. Like that my kids will freeze in time and always stay the age they are....

OH!! I wish my Dan would plan something romantic on his own for our anniversary. I'm not betting any money on that though...he doesn't even remember how to write a love note these days let alone plan a night out! Rude.

Kristie said...

You are fantastic! I love that you made your own wish tree!