Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Wednesday Post

I've decided that we need a Wednesday afternoon pick me up. I know I need one. So, let's watch Camera Obscura and pretend were on an adventure. I'm wishing I was in Issaquah, WA (Dan's home town) and it was Salmon Days.

We we're able to go last year and we had so much fun. Dan looks way different when he's all spiffied/cleaned up.

Here is a current photo of Dan. I like it. His students described him for an assignment yesterday and they said he looked like a greying lumberjack. Hmmmm?

I also wish I was in Monrovia, CA (my home town) for the fall. Fall in Monrovia is one of my most favorite things.

Hey Buffy, I'm posting this so you will remember who I am. I know you have been very preoccupied. You recently commented about going to The Huntington and I thought you would like to see this photo of a past adventure.


Anonymous said...

I think 'preoccupied' is perfect describe what buf has...hehe

Parker said...

Beep Beep,
I think you're a little bit preoccupied yourself. I heard what you said your wish was. You know, the one you put on the wish tree in Pasadena. Reminder, go put my wishes up for me and take a photo. I wish to GO HOME. Well, I wish that Dan will get a good job on the West Coast that will bring us closer to home and family.
love you,
Buffy and I decided to make some changes to the secret blog. I'll fill you in when we next chat.

Anonymous said...

buf is freshly preoccupied, I am not. REMINDER: you said you would email me something...wink wink

Katherine said...

Hey---I was just wishing today that I was at Salmon Days too. I love Fall--especially when I'm some place that feels like Fall.

Anonymous said...

Preoccupied, what? This trip to The Huntington was so fun.