Friday, September 26, 2008


I don't know what I won and I don't care. I got so excited about Amy's contest last week and I'm all aglow over here about Sue (Amy's Mommy) picking my idea. You see, Amy's Mommy bought this not-so-pretty thing-a-ma-jig at a yard sale and Amy had a contest to see who could come up with an idea that her Mommy would like for it's renovation.
Below are my entries...
#1 entry-
I would take all of the junk off of it and spray paint it turquoise blue. I would then spray paint a little twig silver and perch it in the little birdhouse. Then get a little birdie (you can find really cute vintage one's online) and put him in his new home. It would look really cute on a fireplace mantle in the spring. I love it. hugs,Kat
#2 entry-
I thought about this some more when I was at work today. I think the bird house idea would also work as a centerpiece for a tea party or bridal/baby shower. I just bought the cutest yellow teacups that have little blue birds on them. You could build a whole party theme around this great piece. I'm running with it in my head. I can already see the invitations. Little birds tweet tweeting around looking for a sweet branch in a pretty birdhouse to perch on. Oh, and you could make a welcome to the party wreath with the same little birdies nestled into it with pretty ribbon and a birdies holding up a welcome sign like in Cinderella. love and hugs,Kat

I seriously want to throw this party. A slumber party is in the works and it may become the theme for that but really, I think this needs to be done up right. I wish I was closer to my friends when they have their babies or that my sisters were getting married so I could throw one rockin' shower.

The party needs Hummingbird cake for sure.
I am so excited.


Katherine said...

You are amazingly creative. I couldn't have come up with a great idea if I was being paid to---creativity is so tough for me. Congratulations!

Kris said...

I want to throw you one rocking shower. Someday...I'm saving my pennies!

Anonymous said...

Yum.....hummingbird cake? Ben got home safely. I love you. Mommy