Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'll Take Two Lumps Please.

Your Kitty-friend has been a Downer Sally today. I have a sore throat and a bad disposition.
Dan searched and searched for a cure. I took a long nap and Dan let me throw a mini tea party. He humored me. Dan is the best.
Yes, Daniel, I would love some Peppermint tea.

Dan ordered a copy of The Little Brute Family and it came in the mail today. Happy mail day for sure. He read it to me and it was the perfect pick me up book to a day like today. I highly recommend it to anyone who is in a grump.

Well, my pinkie is at attention so I must be getting happier.

Horray for tea parties and horray for Dan.

Dan is my little Brute who always finds daisies and good feelings.

"Then one day Baby Brute found a little wandering lost good feeling in a field of daisies, and he caught it in his paw and put it in his tiny pocket. And he felt so good that he laughed and said,
'How lovely.'"

-Russell Hoban


Anonymous said...

The teacups are cute. I love yellow recently and I really like the little birds on them. I think your hair looks really pretty in these pictures. You look like mom. I remember having tea parties at the Heslop's with Brookie when I was little. We would invite all the dolls we could find and use Sister Heslop's pink kid's tea set.


Anonymous said...

Only my sis would think to have a tea party to sweeten a sour mood and only a guy like dan would go along with it...wierdos

Remember your bridal shower?

Anonymous said...

You two are so cute! Feel better and give Dan a big,happy, loving smooch!!!!!!!Mommy

Anonymous said...


'• Despite what the Internet was saying yesterday, Paris Hilton's dogs are all fine and not coyote food. The Internet was also trying to say Brangelina broke up yesterday—we just can't trust this thing anymore.'

xoxo bono baby

Katherine said...

Dan is the little brute. I love your dishes. I would like to think that I'm partially responsible for Dan being so nice, but I don't think so.:)

Katie said...

this so cute. I want to have a tea party!!

hope you are feeling better lady!

Parker said...

I had the most beautiful bridal shower EVER. My sister sure does know how to throw a party. Thank you for being so wonderful.

Baby Bono,
Thank goodness. I've been so worried about Paris. I never thought I could ever feel sorry for her in any way. I stayed up last night thinking about how sad she must have been. Thank you for letting me know that her puppies are safe and that the coyote rumors were just rumors. I still think that you need to be really careful when you go outside to do your business. You can't be too careful. I say my prayers for you everynight. I miss you so much.

love you both,

Anonymous said...

Cin was over the other day and I was showing her the pics of the wish tree. We also looked at your Tea Party blog and she started crying because it was so sweet. I'm so happy that you and dan are together. you are obviously an example of what every girl dreams a marriage will be. Funny, I just thought 'A tea party? that is so my sister' It wasnt until I saw how it touched Cin, that I realized what you and dan have is so special. luv u both.