Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jake was attacked by a shark while on his daily swim. Minding his own business and getting his work out in. Mean shark. His owner came to the rescue and gave that shark a talking to (with his fists.)
Thank goodness they are both okay.
FYI: I would do the same thing in a quick second if a shark messed with my Bono.


Anonymous said...

Poor dog. I think I need some more details on the heroic rescue. Bono would be irritated if we made him go on a swim, I think.


Katie said...

oh my goodness. That poor baby!

Parker said...

You're right, Bono is too hoighty toighty to swim. We doesn't like to get his hair wet, it's beneath him. Plus, he only likes to shower with young lovlies.

Katherine said...

It's kind of amazing to me that the shark didn't hurt the poor little doggy more because he's so little. Poor thing---he might still need some counseling after all the physical scars are gone. How traumatic.