Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Thursday Afternoon Adventures
One of our birdhouse/votive holders is the new home for some local Mississippian wasps. I think they are finding their new local quite hospitable. We also have a new roommate. Dan brought a gecko in from our backyard to meet me and our new little gecko friend decided that he wanted to live behind our couch. I think he thought it was just TOO hot outside for him.
Welcome to our home, SAM the gecko.

Dan and I went downtown to the Farmers Market this afternoon. We also stopped in at a local bookshop that has a small, eclectic collection. The best part being a collection of contemporary and past Mississippian writers. Oh, by the way my dear friend Kristie told me about the coolest website today, Eco-libris. Check it out and plant a tree.

This photo is what happens when Daniel gets scared. A man in a beat-up, old, raggedy Cadillac honked at Dan to freak him out. Mean Cadillac Man.

Dan in Mississippi.

Dan walking in Mississippi.

The Thirsty Hippo in Mississippi.

Dan at the Farmers Market in Mississippi.

Well, dear friends, check out what we scored at the market. Goodies for sure.

This Hot Apple Relish is my favorite find. It tastes really good mixed with cream cheese and spread on crackers.
Happy Thursday.


Anonymous said...

love the pic of Dan scared..classic

Katherine said...

Mean Cadillac man. Food from the Farmers Market always looks especially inviting and yummy. I like seeing the pictures of Mississippi. Sounds like a nice day.

Kris said...

That relish looks delish!! What a fun afternoon!!

Anonymous said...

Wish I was there to share your goodies and give you both hugs. Ben's party went fine. I love you. Mommy