Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Mail Day

Devon (one of my most favorite people) sent Mr. Dan a gift today. Devon, Daniel LOVES it. So up his alley. Thank you so much for thinking of us. We have something in the works for you. It's very RANDOM and useless but FUN for sure.

My cupcake cozies from Darlybird came today. I'm in love with them. I can't wait to make some treats. I was especially excited to hear that she is best friends with a very pretty young lady that I grew up with in Monrovia. It's a small small world.


Katherine said...

I love your cake stand and your new little cupcake cozies. What a good day for good mail. You needed it.

BTW---I mentioned to Tyler and Nicole today that there was a chance we might go to WA when you guys do and they were beside themselves with excitement.

Amy said...

Super fun! Love the cozies. Can't wait to see what beautiful edible treats you create.

Jeannine said...

Devon was so excited to get that to you guys. He kept bugging me to take him to Barnes & Noble so he could buy it. He said he wanted to send you some Happy Mail. The cozies are really cute. I wish I could come visit and you could bake me up something yummy stuff.

Anonymous said...

How cute is that! Your home reminds me of my Grandma Meyer.....all comfy and homey, filled with love and a degree of excitement about what comes next...What a joy to see you in the process of being a homemaker....the greatest joy and strength to a happiness is in seeing the happiness of my children. You and Dan make me happy. I love you both. FMommy

Anonymous said...

Those cupcake thingies are cute. That was so sweet of Devon to think of Dan. What is Devon's big surprise?


Anonymous said...

what are cupcake cozies? I've heard of beer cozies but that keeps it cold and cupcakes are supposed to be warm. Is it like those rubber pans mom has that you can cook in?