Monday, September 08, 2008

Happy Happy WISH week.
I think we all need extra wishes this week.
What is your extra wish? Do share. It's fun.
Kitty's wishes
1. I wish for the energy to finish my to do list.
2. I wish for a date to the movies with Dan this Friday.
3. I wish my sister Annie would call me.
4. I wish the Diet Coke Fairy would go get me some Diet Coke.
5. I wish for Happy Mail.
p.s. I got a membership to Dan's school athletic center/gym. So, I wish for the motivation to go there to check it out.


Katherine said...

My wish list is too long, but on the top of my list tonight is:
1. I wish I could eat out everyday.
2. I wish I wasn't such a worrier.
3. I wish I was a full-fledged quilter.
4. I wish there was a bathroom-cleaning fairy---oh, and a kitchen floor fairy too.

Anonymous said...

I have THE CUTEST SISTER! That pic makes my teeth show!!

I wish I had someone to make my check engine light go off.
I wish I had a stylist for my cruise this weekend.
I wish I had fuller hair like my sisters
I wish I never had to work again
I wish kat would come home!

Katie said...

I wish I had someone to pack up my apartment and move me into my new place! ;)

Jeannine said...

I wish kids would pick up after themselves!!

Taylor said...

1. I wish for great tips the rest of the week.
2. I wish I wasn't in the middle of all the drama!
3. I wish I had enough energy to clean my room.
4. I wish I had thicker hair.

I could go on and on but im so tired. Busy Busy day. Well ill talk to you tomorrow pretty lady!

Kris said...

I wish I could lose 30 pounds overnight
I wish I had a maid
I wish we lived closer to each other
I wish I had a paycheck that came every Friday without requiring me to work.

Anonymous said...

I wish to be the mother-in-law to a daughter and two wonderful young, kind,intelligent and hardworking men and woman who love and appreciate my offspring.....Dan is one of mine already. I wish to be the best grandma I can be. I wish to finish my teaching career on a high note. I wish for improved healthy living. I wish to be as good a friend and companion to CJ as he is to me. All this wishing is from your mommy.