Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday night 30 somethin' shenanigans

Dan woke me up from my little nappy nap with a camera. Not nice. I did tell him to wake me up though because we had places to be and people to see. At least I clean up for a night out on the town okay.

We went out on a "date for two" for smoothies at Smoothie King. The strawberry lemonade smoothie is delish. Dan says, "The angle food smoothie ain't bad either." We had a few minutes to kill before our event so we drank our smoothies in front of the administration building on campus. How quaint.

I was especially excited about this evening because it felt like fall and I was able to dress up more to my liking. I figured it was a good night to bust out the shirt that I wore on my and Dan's first date in Seattle. I know it's a bit old but Dan said it needed to stay stashed in my wardrobe and I'm glad he did.

After our smoothie date, we went to hear the poet Ellen Bryant Voigt read. She is a great poet. Check this out.
She read a series of poems from her collection Kyrie, which is a series of sonnets about the influenza epidemic of 1918.
This one is my favorite.
To be brought from the bright schoolyard into the house:
to stand by her bed like an animal stunned in the pen:
against the grid of the quilt, her hand seems
stiched to the cuff of its sleeve—although he wants
most urgently the hand to stroke his head,
although he thinks he could kneel down
that it would need to travel only inches
to brush like a breath his flushed cheek,
he doesn't stir: all his resolve,
all his resources go to watching her,
her mouth, her hair a pillow of blackened ferns—
he means to match her stillness bone for bone.
Nearby he hears the younger children cry,
and his aunts, like careless thieves, out in the kitchen.

Afterward, we went to a reception for her at the condo of one of Dan's professors. I was thrilled because I've been wanting an invite into one of the units. She lives in a converted elementary school. The units even have old chalkboards in them. If we were going to stay in Mississippi, I would want to live there for sure. The Pastry Garden catered the party so that was a nice little surprize. I didn't help with it but i recognized some of the food. Well, dear friends, we are off to end our night with a viewing of Pushing Daisies.
Nighty Night


Kris said...

You look so pretty! I love that dress! Sounds like a great night!

Katherine said...

What a nice night for both of you. A smoothie sounds really good right now. That was quite a poem---it made me so sad to read it. I can see what a good poet she is. I would have been fascinated seeing the condo that used to be a school. That would have been cool.

Anonymous said...

What a nice evening for you two. Your hair looks great. Your outfit looks adorable on you. I am so glad that you are feeling better. I love you. Mommy

Dyan said...

We got a smoothie Friday night too! But then we went longboarding and not a poetry reading. You looked like you stepped out of the Hel Looks catalog, seriously!