Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I need your help.
I dropped my cell phone today and it broke in half. I lost all of my phone numbers and precious photos of Bono. Please email me your phone numbers. I know I'm not a girl who talks on the phone much but I am big on having my friends' and family's phone numbers. Please take a minute and help a Kitty out. Email me your number at
Also, if you are trying to get me on the phone, I will be phoneless for the next couple of days. So, call Dan. He loves to chat and I bet he'd love to hear from you.
love you,


Anonymous said...

Kat I'll be sure to email you my phone number...but I don't think it's a good idea for you to have your email address up on your blog for anyone to get. Sorry to hear about your phone I dropped my last phone in a cup of water don't ask how that happened but I can relate to not having a working phone.


Katherine said...

Sorry about the phone. I was just talking to Dan for a second on the phone and he told me about it. I would hate that.

Amy said...

Oh man that stinks about your phone. Kevin has the worst luck with his phone. It has gone through the wash twice and even fell in the toilet once when he was helping Enoch. Luckily all 3 times he was able to take it apart and let it dry for several days and then he was up and running again. I hated those days when he didn't have a phone. I had to share mine with him. I feel so lost with out my phone.