Monday, September 15, 2008

Don't forget to check LIFETIME and watch COCO CHANEL.
It is a beautiful film.
I'm learning how to make bread at work. Well, I only learned two steps but I feel pretty cool. I also made enough money in tips to get these custard cups that I've had my eye on. I think they are just lovely.
Happy Monday.


Taylor said...

SO cute Kat!

Midge said...

I have it recorded and I'm just waiting for the perfect time to watch it. Cute bowls by the way.

Kris said...

I like those a lot!! Look at your working the customers!

Anonymous said...

The bowls are cute. I always loved that chair they are sitting on. But, I remember getting so frustrated when I grew up and it was so short. It's seriously the shortest chair I've ever seen.