Friday, September 05, 2008

The Dinner Party was a SUCCESS.

We have been so busy with hurricanes and such that we put off our dinner party preparations till the last minute. But, who cares, Dan and I are becoming dinner party throwing pro's. Dan cooks; I decorate (I'm in charge of dessert and salads too). I made this little banner on a whim. It took me 20 minutes and I was impressed with its outcome. I thought it was VERY welcoming.

Here are our lovely party guests. We had the most fun.

William had fun with the cake decorations. He proclaimed them to be beard flags.

Speaking of dessert, check out this lemon poppyseed cake that Jim from the Pastry Garden made. I made the cake flags and I think they made the cake taste even better. Jim recommended that I put some of the muscadine jelly that Hannah and I made with it. It was a HIT.

I wanted to show you that I got a new treasure for my mantle. Can you guess what it is?
It goes along with our upcoming camping trip to The Smoky Mountains.

Hooray, let's eat.

Our lovely friends brought beautiful hostess gifts.
These roses are perfect. I love them.
They also brought me these magnets. I think the word is out that I love BONO and gnomes.
How sweet of them to think of me and Dan.

It was a lovely night. I wish all of my friends could come over. So pretend you were here and know that I wish you were.


Stephanie said...

I am imagining that lemon poppyseed cake right now... mmmmm.

Katherine said...

I am so hungry right now and looking at the cake and the table is making it worse. It all looks so good. What thoughtful gifts from your friends too.
I'm guessing that your new accessory for your mantle is that cute snapshot of you and Dan. :) I love your place!

Katherine said...

Forgot to mention that I love your welcome sign. Did you sew that up on your machine or is it paper? I also LOVE the vase/pitcher that you have your flowers in. I want one just like it.

Parker said...

I made the welcome sign out of The Issaquah Press, thanks to you. I had to use the paint colors and ribbon I already had here at the house. I have big plans to make one out of fabric but I'm working on finding the perfect fabric (I'm picky). Oh, that vase/pitcher was a wedding gift from your lovely Mommy. Williams Sonoma.
love and hugs,

Katherine said...

You are so creative! Love that it was made out of the Issy Press. I understand the pickiness when it comes to fabric. Thanks for the info on the vase/pitcher. I like the look of it. I also like that the mouth of it is fairly narrow---good and easier for flowers. Thanks for the info.

Midge said...

I actually went to buy that print for Dan's B-day but saw that it was sold and hoped that it would make it's way to you. I'm glad you got it, it's so perfect for you too. Have fun camping.

Katie Says said...

yum lemon poppyseed cake! I could eat that whole cake!

very pretty table setting, lady! = )