Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dan's sister Katherine introduced me to this book today. It was one of their families childhood books. I am so excited to read it. Dan said he always thought The Little Brute Family was like his family. With a Mommy and a Daddy and a Big Brother and a Big Sister and a Little Baby DAN. I'm most excited about it because it's about GRUMPS.

My favorite book was Here Comes Weezie. I took it to bed with me every night. I still have it. It's old and tattered but still going.

Okay, I shared... tell me what your favorite childhood book was.
I think it's fun.


Katherine said...

I can't believe I've never heard of "Here Comes Weezie". I'll have to read that---especially if it was so good that you brought it to bed every night. The Brute Family kids kind of look like us as kids I'm afraid.

Dyan said...

I've never heard of your fav books either. Mine was "Quick As A Cricket". It goes through all these animals and what they do (I'm as slow as a snail, I'm as happy as a lark, I'm as strong as an ox, ect.) and at the end says "put them all together and you've got me!" I always just loved the idea and was grateful to learn at a young age that we could be like many different things and have many influences that make up who we are! Loves to children's books!

Anonymous said...

My favorite childhood book is "Are You My Mother?" because I remember lying on the sofa with mom reading it for a tape recorder to send to grandma. I have drama and I need your help. Call me when you get home.

Anonymous said...

Hope your date is the best. That Dan is the man. So you have that book,eh? My favorite children's book as an adult is Love You Forever. I cry every time I read it. As a child, I remember stories from my third grade remember the story about me having the cleanest hands so I got the new book....anyway, that happened to me in third grade with Mrs. Ludwig....It had many good stories...I remember one near the back of the book about where the north winds blow.....Memories are vague as to the content of the story....but, the experience of having the new book and the good feeling I had that day has lingered with me all these years. I love you. Mommy