Friday, September 05, 2008

As Promissed, I introduce you to last week's yard sale treasures.
I had to post this before tomorrow (yet another yard sale Saturday) so I didn't feel like a total loser.

Last Saturday we stopped at one yard sale. It didn't look promising but you never know. Sometimes the greatest treasures come from the yard sales with no curb appeal. I'm trying to make myself get out and take a lookie lou even though I sometimes desperately want to drive on by. Anyhow, I found this little handful of goodness for 2 dollars. I feel like I got treasure for sure. I love the whale and his birdie friend. The whale is perfect with his glittery blue paint job, I named him Ben. He is wise and kind like my little brother Benner. The birdie is the perfect little buddy and her name is Bernice. I took them on a turn about town twice this week. They like to socialize. The butterfly roach clips haven't been out yet. They are pouting.

We are busily getting ready for our dinner party. I'm taking a "my back hurts" break. Dan made a new leaf for our table so we will have a little bit more room for our special guests. I can't wait to show you a photo of the cake I brought home from work.


Anonymous said...

Oh Crap! I want the whale!

Jane said...

Have fun at your dinner party! I bet you are the best hostess in town.

Katherine said...

I like to see your yard sale finds. Who's coming to the dinner party? I wish I could send the family to your dinner party. I'm not wanting to make dinner tonight.

Kris said...


I want to go yard saleing with you - I go all by my lonesome and talk myself into doing drive by's. My mom makes the best drive by face, I laugh so hard when she does it!

Anonymous said...

Bummer...I want that whale, too! Annie and I talked about it and the problem is that it is a one-of-a-kind yard sale whale. How are we going to get one too?!