Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Treasures

Dan and I went to a good yard sale yesterday. We also went to our favorite antique store that is priced more like a thrift store. Yippee! We found these old spools of thread. I think they look perfect on our mantle. Someday, they'll have a home in a mason jar in my future project room.

We found another vintage postcard that went with the other two we purchased last month. What a lucky find?

I was so excited when I found a twirling baton. I took baton in early middle school. I had to have it for 50 cents. I can practice around the house. Maybe I'll put together a show for Dan. I'll need tassels.

I found this ceramic candle/jewelry holder. I think it's pretty but may be a little bit more Buffy's style. She might inherit it.

We found this bird print and had to have it. I think it's precious. I love the oval frame. We haven't named our new winged friends yet but we will soon.

Dan scored when he found these whale bookends. He got them for a steal at 5 dollars. I told him they were a birthday present. I think they're cool because they remind me of Alaska and Pinocchio.

This mirror is a treasure for sure. We put it next to our front door so we can check ourselves out before we face the world.
Dan and Kat have to look their best, ya know?


Kristie said...

Your place must be the cutest!

Amy said...

Love everything! Too bad we couldn't get a virtual tour of your little home. I bet it is so beautiful with your little treasures everywhere.

Kris said...

Great finds!! You know, for the preschool talent how I twirled a baton. I still have my blue satin costume with silver sequins for Lauren to play dress up in someday. Twirl away!

Anonymous said...

I am especially jealous of the bookends. Those are so cute! I also really like wooden spools. I think they're the coolest. You found some really great stuff.