Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We have new additions to our little family.
This is Pete. He is named after the poet, B.H. Fairchild.
"The plains: the held breath of the earth."
He likes to tell me secrets when Dan isn't home.

This is Dick. He's named after the poet, Richard Hugo.
"The day is a woman who loves you."
He is handsome and loves the ladies.

This is Ted. He is named after the poet, Theodore Roethke.
"I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow."
He is a little bit bossy (but in a good way).

This is Jack. He is named after the poet, Jack Gilbert.
"Our lives happen between the memorable."
He is sassy and likes to show off his pretty wears.

Well, Dan got his birthday present from me a week early, thanks to BerkleyIllustration. Dan named our new little friends and I went on a frame hunt. I wish I had a portrait of Baby Bono to accompany our new additions. But Bono needs a wall all to himself. I'm working on that.

Happy Happy Early Birthday Daniel. I hope your new little friends bring lots of inspiration and company for late paper writing nights. Oh, by the way, Dan finished the Wordsworth paper that has been haunting him for over a year. He is so relieved. This is a very BIG deal around here.
P.S. We hope you all get the chance to meet our new family members sooner rather than later. They love company, just like us.


Katherine said...

What cool gifts. They look really nice on your wall. Doug was just saying that he thought a tour of you home would be super cool because you would have so many interesting and meaningful things around. Glad you got that paper done, Dan. I can't imagine having something hanging over me that long.

Anonymous said...

Way to go on the paper, Dan. The pictures look great. It must have taken some skills to get them all even like that. Luckily, they won't have to move for 9 months. Call me!


Anonymous said...

those frames are very cute and I love where you put them.

Dan - Congrats on the paper...it's gotta be a relief. I'm proud of you


Jane said...

Those are the coolest pictures-- and I love the frames and the names you gave them. I hope Dan has the best of birthdays coming up!