Thursday, August 21, 2008

Treasures from Home

My Mommy sends me estate sale treasures sometimes. This treasure box was full of goodness. I especially love the vintage needles and buttons. My Mommy is the coolest. Also, I have the sweetest Dad CJ ever. He is having a really hard time with his hip right now. He went to the Post Office on crutches to send me this with Dan's birthday present. Please keep him in your thoughts. We are hoping that he won't have to have surgery and that he'll feel 100% soon.
We love you CJ.


Katherine said...

I hope CJ's hip will get better soon---without having to have surgery. That's so sweet that he went to the post office to send your package, even though it was so hard for him. What are you going to make with all of the neat buttons and stuff your mom sent? Something super cool I'm sure.

Kitty said...

I have Christmas surprises up my sleeve. You should be getting really excited about it.

Katherine said...

Oh yea!! Everything you do is so cool.

Anonymous said...

You'll be able to make all kinds of cute clippies with thses buttons, lucky you! This looks like fun. Mom is pretty good isn't she?