Monday, August 25, 2008

This lovely Arizona R.S. Sister and her husband were in a plane crash. They need our help and best wishes. I know we don't have money to throw around but there is a donation box on my sidebar. One More Moore is also holding a Nie Nie benefit sale on Etsy, September 23-24th. I thought I would post the address so we could send them a card. I know we are all good at correspondence so let's show them we care.
c/o Stephanie & Christian Nielson
Maricopa County Hospital
2601 East Roosevelt St
Phoenix, AZ 85008

I'm thinking of sending them some cd's too. I'm thinking The Weepies and She and Him.
p.s. check out Stephanie's blog. Her sister C Jane is also blogging about their progress.

Our thoughts and 11:11 wishes go out to you and your family Dear Stephanie and Christian.


Anonymous said...

This is a really sad story, but I hope that they get better. I will pray for them.


trippin said...

I know I was so sad when they got in a crash. I love Stephanie's blog. It has been my favorite for the past year. She has the sweatest family. I hope her and her husband pull through.