Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Morning Miss-happenings

We woke up early this morning to find some yard sale goodness. What a disappointment. The ones we saw weren't promising. By the way, if the yard sale proprietor is wearing a moo moo proceed with caution. Boo. Hoo. Because of poor prospects we had to do errands.

We went to our bank. We've been wanting to show you how archaic our bank is for a while and we just happened to have our camera (with the memory card this time). By the way, this town has no national banks. Weird. This is their ATM, the same kind of ATM we remember using in the late 80's/early 90's. It's old and gross. You don't see anything on the screen in this photo because you can't see anything on that screen.

We also took our recycling in. They don't have curbside recycling here. Thank goodness for anti-bac gel. Enough said.

We drove around looking for something interesting to look at and we found this pretty little neighborhood. Then we decided to go home because there is nothing besides errands to do in this town. That is what I think. How many times can a kitty go to Target and Sam's Club? Also, why can't Brideshead Revisited come to our movie theater?

But, I get to be entertained by this HOT THANG all day long.


yiching said...

hey but there was a black kitty thermometer on the wall behind you!

your expression in the photo was just priceless!

and when there's not a ton to do in town, you can always be crafty at home. :)

Dyan said...

i'm sure you've already raided it, but I saw a bunch of Hello Kitty cute stuff at Targer's dollar spot the other day and thought of you! :) Did you know the public library does independent film showings? I've never hit one up here, but I love them, and thought it might be something for you to do in this wonderful town!

Amy said...

That ATM is hilarious! Target is over 30 minutes away for me. I miss being able to just stop by and shop.

Kristen said...

That recycling stop alone made me feel like a dirty girl. Ewwwww...poor Kat. California is waiting for you! Can't you plan a weekend away to see a cool plantation or Graceland or SOMETHING??