Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mississippi Adventure Day

I have the day off from work and Dan doesn't start school till next Monday so we are going to tiptoe our way through Mississippi today. Tippi-Tippi-Toe-Toe.
Check out the freshener we have in our bedroom. I am in love with these air fresheners from Pier One.
Oh, I made this little clippie. It has a button from one of my Mommy's college dresses on it. I think it's the bee's knees just like my Mommy.

Happy Thursday Kitties.



Katherine said...

Super fun! I wish I was going with you. I feel sick today, Doug is out of town, and I have to take Nicole to get her vaccinations. But I think I'll take the kids out to lunch today---or I guess I should say, take me out to lunch today. That's who I'm really doing it for.:)

Amy said...

I'm lovin' the clippie it looks great against your pretty hair.

Anonymous said...

The clip is cute. I am looking forward to my new collection to wear to work. All my insta friends added me. I'm officially updated and my quota has been met. Phewww.