Saturday, August 16, 2008

Let the SUN shine in

I bought Dan this Sunprint Kit when I was courting him back in the day. Today seemed like the perfect day to pull them out and experiment.

We scrounged around in our front yard and found a pretty leaf and an old button.


We set up our little sunprint station on the hood of Dan's truck.

It was a little bit overcast so we had to wait and wait for the sun to do it's job.

Waitin' time = Dan and Kat shoe kissin' time.

Oooooo, how exciting.

Dan did some developing.

and viola a memento from our Saturday.
We'll have to find a frame for it.


Katie Says said...

That's cute! Where did you get the Sunprint Kit?

Parker said...

I worked at a museum bookstore and we sold them there. I looked them up and you can get them at Amazon. I hope you get some, they made for a happy Saturday afternoon.

Sharon! said...

This entry reminded me of my dad. Lemme tell you the story. One day dad and I went to the grocery store, it was a beautiful fall day, which is my favorite! Well I saw this pretty leaf in the parking lot and couldn't resist from stopping and picking it up. My dad was like....uh? I picked up the leaf and said, "Look, pretty leaf!" He laughed and laughed and still brings it up out of the blue. I miss my family. :)