Saturday, August 09, 2008

Hooray for Susan (my lovely hairstylist). She works magic.





Check out my birthday shoes. I think they scream KITTY.


Katherine said...

I LOVE your hair!! Your stylist really did a great job! You must feel so good today. I'm a little envious of your thick and shiny hair.:)

Jane said...

So dang cute! And I think those shoes scream Jane too. I love them.

Midge said...

You look adorable. I just got my hair cut too, but I'm not crazy about it. As soon as I got it cut I wished I had gotten it done like Kenley from project runway. oh well. I'll just envy your cut instead.

Vie Chaotique said...

Adorable - Thanks for stopping my my shop. I noticed on your profile that we have lots in common Bowie, KROQ 80's - even same hair, girl!!! I am a cancer too and year of the rabbit - but born in 63

My hubby has a fascination with 1111 too. You'll have to tell us sometime what your experience with it has been.

Amy said...

You look so beautiful. I'm loving everything about your hair. The shoes are super cute.

Kristen said...

Your hair looks amazing!! It's so sleek and shiny. I need a Susan to do my hair.

And the shoes! Those are SO gorgeous! I love them!